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The List: 12 More New Apartment Developments Around Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans The List: 12 More New Apartment Developments Around Columbus
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If you read Columbus Underground with any amount of regularity, then you’re likely already aware that Columbus has had an explosion of new apartment development over the past two years. It seems there’s a new project or a development update every week that we’re covering, which is exciting news for the future of the city as the added residential density adds more people, more amenities and more vibrancy to the urban core of Columbus (where the majority of the development is happening).

But who will live in all of these new apartments? Over the past few decades, the Columbus MSA has continued to grow at a rate of around 1% per year, which means nearly 20,000 new residents are added every year. The region is expected to eclipse a population of 2 million sometime in 2015, so the continued additions to the housing market are necessary to keep up with growing demand.

Every few months we’ve been recapping these developments, just to put in perspective how much is actually happening, and where it’s all happening. We listed 12 new developments in Nov 2011, followed by 11 more new projects in April 2012, followed by another 10 announcements in May 2013.

Below you’ll find 12 more of the latest announcements (this list mostly online includes larger-scale development, as there’s quite a bit more being done on a smaller scale) for new mixed-use, residential buildings coming soon to Central Ohio.

The LC RiverSouth Building 2 — Lifestyle Communities announced last week that they were proposing a “mirrored” building at Rich & High to compliment another across the street that was already approved. The new build would add 107 apartments and 8000 square feet of retail space Downtown, adjacent to Columbus Commons.

Lane & High Mixed Use — Local developer Elford has proposed a four-story new build to replace the Shell gas station at Lane and High near OSU, which would include 27 student-oriented apartments on top of 6,000 square feet of retail space.

Bridge Street Corridor Phase 1 — One of the largest new development announcements of the year came in October from developer Crawford Hoying, who is proposing the construction of over 1,100 apartment and condo units on a 25-acre site in Dublin near 161 and Riverside Drive. The project would include new greenspace, infrastructure, a hotel, conference center, grocery store, fitness facility, and over 70,000 square feet of retail.

Hubbard Park Place – The surface lot located behind the Hubbard Grille may disappear in the near future, as The Wood Companies and Schiff Capital have jointly proposed a new development that would feature a seven-story building and four-story brownstones that would house over 100 apartment and 10,000 square feet of office space.

Wagenbrenner 11th Ave Row Houses — Wagenbrenner continues their work in the Weinland Park neighborhood with a transformative project for one of the main eastern gateways for OSU. They’ve begun work on the restoration of 24 rowhouse buildings on the stretch of East 11th Avenue that will become home to 90 new apartment units targeted for students.

250 High – One of the most iconic new pieces of architecture coming soon to the Downtown skyline is the 12-story modern building from Kaufman and Daimler known as 25o High. The building is located just south of Columbus Commons and will be home to 156 new apartments, ground floor retail, and 136,000 square feet of office space.

Worthington Place Apartments – Work is already under way on the new apartment buildings located adjacent to the renovated Worthington Place shopping mall. This project from Crawford Hoying features 200 apartments and 23,000 square feet of new office space.

Grandview Yard Apartments – The next phase of Grandview Yard living is already under construction along Yard Street, in the form of these three interconnected four-story buildings that will add 120 apartment units to the development, as well as 28,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

The View on Fifth – Construction is under way on the transformative View on Fifth project in the 5xNW neighborhood, which will add some height and scale to the area unlike what currently exists in the immediate vicinity. The project includes 285 residential units and 24,000 square feet of retail space.

The Julian – CASTO has been working on an old storage warehouse Downtown over the past few months with plans to convert it into either apartment or condo units. While details are scarce on this project at the moment, it’s expected to garner interest from new residents as one of the few loft-style warehouse conversion projects coming onto the market.

Edwards Communities at Dublin AMC – The Edwards Communities announced a new apartment project adjacent to The Dublin AMC theater, which would replace large surface lots with a four-story 324-unit apartment complex.

The Ravines at Westar – Last but not least, NP Limited and Trivium announced in May a new project in Westerville, not far from Polaris. The development is the most outlying of the 12 featured in this list, but the scale of this project is quite large at 504 residential units on 54 acres.

To keep up with these projects as they begin construction, be sure to check out our monthly Construction Roundup series.

For ongoing discussion and project updates, check out our Development forum on our Messageboard.

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