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The Kitchen Set to Open Neighboring Event Space The Studio This Summer

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega The Kitchen Set to Open Neighboring Event Space The Studio This SummerSit down to a dinner inspired by spring in Paris at The Kitchen this weekend. Photo via Facebook.
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On the verge of celebrating their five-year anniversary, German Village’s The Kitchen has announced plans for expansion. First taking over its current home at 231 E. Livingston Ave. back in July of 2013, The Kitchen will add another event space this summer named The Studio, opening at 237 E. Livingston Ave. on June 1.

The Kitchen Owner Anne Boninsegna has had her eyes on the future Studio space since The Kitchen first started renovating for its own opening. In 2013, it was actually connected to The Kitchen, and it was available for use. Using caution as a new business owner, though, Boninsegna opted to separate the two spaces, leaving the other to be used by Posy, the neighboring florist. Hearing the news that Posy would be moving on to a larger space, Boninsegna decided it was about time to expand.

“I felt like this was the perfect time to do a little bit of stretching our arms and legs and growing a little bit,” she said.

This growth will allow them to cater to a variety of events, large and small. Right now, The Kitchen operates a number of different ways: “you can come and cook with us, we do an amount of catered events, and we do a Taco Tuesday, which is our one restaurant-style night. So, we’re kind of this weird mixed bag of things.” Designed to feel rustic and cozy, The Kitchen offers roughly 4,200 square feet of space for large gatherings, weddings, baby showers, and corporate parties.

The Studio, which will have a separate entrance, is designed to juxtapose that rustic feel of The Kitchen. Where the latter has brick walls, wooden floors and tin ceilings, the former will be gallery-style with white walls, black floors, and green and gold accents. It’s roughly half the size as well, fit for smaller, intimate events. And, rather than inviting groups to cook for themselves, The Studio will be catered.

Boninsegna said The Studio will also be open for more educational events. Where The Kitchen focuses more on the social aspect of cooking, The Studio will provide more guided programming, like beer, wine and spirit tastings where enthusiasts can learn from experts.

“We’re just trying to bring a full circle to that experiential piece that people are looking for,” Boninsegna said.

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For more information, visit thekitchencolumbus.com.


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