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The Hottest Jobs in Columbus in 2019

Franklin University Franklin University The Hottest Jobs in Columbus in 2019
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Building a reputation for innovation and diversity, Columbus is quickly becoming one of the top places to live and work in the country. As the population continues to grow, job growth in Columbus is projected to increase by 34.2% according to Sperling’s Best Places

What career fields are growing fastest here in the capital city? Occupations in healthcare, tech, finance, social work, academia and the sciences are thriving. For those looking to advance their career or build a new one, these fields offer significant opportunity.

Growth across a wide variety of industries is a testament to our extremely diverse economy. From research magnets and retail giants to storied insurance companies and tech start-ups, it’s no secret the job market here is booming. So, we set out to answer the question: what careers are the hottest in Columbus right now?

We’ll look at the top careers by: 

  • Fastest growing jobs in Columbus
  • Highest paying jobs in Columbus
  • Most competitive jobs in Columbus
  • Niche emerging jobs in Columbus
  • Most popular jobs in Columbus by highest number of total jobs

In each category, we’ll highlight the two top jobs, need-to-know information about why they are growing and where you’ll find the most opportunities in Columbus.

Fastest Growing Jobs In Columbus

Marketing Research Analysts & Specialists – 35% growth in jobs 
“Organizations today are focused on making data-driven decisions,” says Bruce Ramsey, the chair of Franklin University’s online Marketing degree program. “More than ever, digital media has given marketing professionals access to tremendous amounts of data, which can immediately be acted upon to deliver results for businesses. That means they need people who can analyze marketing data and make recommendations that will directly benefit their bottom line.”

The average person in this role in Columbus earns $30.06/hour. Look to L Brands, Abercrombie & Fitch, Cardinal Health, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, and Wendy’s for great opportunities in this field. 

Software Applications Developers – 27% growth in jobs
“Just about anyone can learn these skills if they put in the time and effort,” says program chair Todd Whittaker, who oversees the Computer Science degree and other technology programs at Franklin University. “You just need to be fearless—to fail fast and frequently. That’s how you learn and how you become successful in this field.”

The average software applications developer in Columbus earns $46.81/hour. Look to JPMorgan Chase, Oracle, Accenture, Root Insurance, and CoverMyMeds for top jobs in this field. 

There’s plenty of growth to go around in Columbus—but these two jobs stand out.

Highest Paying Jobs In Columbus

While the need for top executives may be on the downtrend, the two jobs below are experiencing job and salary growth. Here’s what you need to know about these top-paying professions:

Nurse Anesthetist – 401 jobs available
This is one of the most specialized areas of nursing, which comes with a large salary bump. The median hourly pay for a nurse anesthetist in Columbus is $71.04 per hour, which is roughly 80% higher than the median pay for RNs at $30.12 per hour. But becoming a nurse anesthetist isn’t easy—it requires intense training and the completion of a doctorate.

A nurse anesthetist who works 40 hours per week in Columbus earns, on average, $147,763/year. Look to OhioHealth, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Licking Memorial Health Systems, and Premier Anesthesia LLC for exciting careers in this field. 

Nuclear Engineers – 80 jobs available
Nuclear engineers research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to obtain benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Many of these engineers are working to find industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials—like in equipment used in medical diagnosis and treatment. 

The average nuclear engineer in Columbus earns $151,008/year. Look to The Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Battelle Memorial Institute for exciting careers in this field. 

Both of these exciting and high-paying positions are expected to continue growing, while salaries stay competitive with the national average for these roles.

The Most Competitive Jobs In Columbus 

When looking at national and industry trends, these Columbus jobs are outpacing expected growth, making them highly competitive fields. These two jobs top the list:

Registered Nurses – 2,373 more jobs than national and industry trends predict
“Nurses are always in high demand. Job satisfaction, flexible schedules and career advancement are all draws for this career,“ says Gail Baumlein, program chair of Nursing at Franklin University, “And in Columbus, we have a great city with a reasonable cost of living and large number of employers. These opportunities attract nurses from all of the surrounding areas—not just Columbus—making this market highly competitive.”

The average registered nurse in Columbus earns $30.12/hour. Look to OhioHealth, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Licking Memorial Health Systems, and Premier Anesthesia LLC for exciting careers in this field. 

Management Analysts – 427 more jobs than national and industry trends predict
“This field is highly challenging and ever-changing, which attracts many people who want to solve complex problems,” says Brian Gregory, program chair of Operations & Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management at Franklin University. “It’s also a lucrative career with many advancement opportunities in a field that won’t become obsolete. It’s the perfect combination for a competitive career.”

The average management analyst in Columbus earns $72,425/year. Look to AEP, Honda, Worthington Industries, Cardinal Health and JPMorgan Chase for exciting careers in this field. 

As Columbus continues to grow, expect more jobs to be boosted by this competitive effect.

Niche Emerging Jobs in Columbus

These niche careers are highly concentrated in the Columbus area compared to national averages. Because of our dominating financial and healthcare industries, Columbus is a prime place to look for a job if you’re in one of these fields:

Financial Examiners – 1,134 jobs in Columbus; up 45% over 5 years
Columbus is the home to two major banks—JPMorgan Chase and Huntington—as well as our state government. Financial examiners make sure banks, securities firms and other financial institutions comply with laws and regulations, making financial examiners a natural fit for the capital city. 

The average financial examiner in Columbus earns $63,814/year. Look to JPMorgan Chase, Huntington Bank, State of Ohio, Discover Financial Services, and U.S. Bancorp for exciting opportunities in this field. 

Biological Technicians – 1,322 jobs in Columbus 
One of the primary reasons for increased demand for biological technicians is the continued growth in biotechnology and medical research—two major industries in Columbus—making this a promising job into the future. Want to make your mark advancing cancer treatments or accelerating innovation in agriculture? You can do it right here in Columbus.

The average bio tech in Columbus earns $37,356/year. Look to Battelle, The Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and S-E-A Ltd for opportunities in this field. 

Expect jobs like these to continue to saturate the Columbus market as specialized industries grow.

The Most Popular Jobs in Columbus Ohio by Highest Total Number of Jobs

If you live in Columbus, you’re bound to run into these professionals. By sheer numbers, these jobs top the list in our market:

Registered Nurses – 23,527 jobs in Columbus
“There is no career more flexible than nursing when it comes to how you want to manage your career,” says Gail Baumlein, program chair of Nursing at Franklin University, “You can choose a specialty, change career paths, get more education to pursue new opportunities. It’s a dynamic and ever-changing career with unlimited growth potential.”

The average RN in Columbus earns $30.12/hour. Look to the James Cancer Center, Wexner Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Riverside Memorial and OhioHealth for the most employment opportunities. 

General & Operation Managers – 11,862 jobs in Columbus  
Retail, foodservice, banking and manufacturers top the employer list for these positions in Columbus. There’s an endless need for general and operations managers to allocate resources and manage day-to-day operations—especially for large companies with franchises, stores, branches and dealerships across the country.

A career in this field offers a median salary of $99,777 in Columbus. Look to L Brands, Wendy’s, Bob Evans Farms, JPMorgan Chase, PNC and Honda for exciting careers in this field.

Expect healthcare, finance and technology jobs to continue to dominate in years to come as these established industries thrive.

Find Your Dream Right Here In Columbus

As Columbus continues to grow and evolve, so do the multitude of career opportunities. Whether you’re fresh out of school, looking to advance your career or want to switch fields completely, there are few better places to reach your professional goals than Columbus, Ohio.

This article is one installment of the Jobs & Education Outlook series, presented with paid support by Franklin University.

Franklin University is an accredited and nonprofit college in Columbus that has been dedicated to educating adults since 1902. The University provides onsite course options at over 25 Midwest locations and is an innovator in providing personalized online education. For more information, visit franklin.edu.

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