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The Greater Parsons Avenue Vision Plan

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Merion Village Blog wrote Parsons Avenue

November 3rd, 2007

There’s something I’ve always liked about Parsons Avenue. When the street is damp and the lights reflect off of the pavement and one squints just a little, it can look just like a street scape out of the 1930’s.

There’s a few more things are not so pleasant. Decay. Abandonment. Blight. Litter. The Greater Parsons Avenue Vision Plan addresses the challenges as well as the benefits of the Avenue. Most surprising was that crime in the area is not nearly as high as most folks might think.

Another statement in the Vision Plan notes that high-school kids do not feel connected to the area because there is little, if anything for them to do along Parsons Avenue. Employment options are limited for them, as well, in their own neighborhood.

Parsons Avenue is a vital part of the neighborhood and its future success is in direct correlation to the stability of it’s adjacent neighborhoods. The question is, how do we help it along?


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