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The Great Best Burger in Ohio: Gallo’s Tap Room

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Restaurant Widow wrote The Great Best Burger in Ohio: Gallo’s Tap Room

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Finally! I think I have more readers nagging me to continue the burger hunt than times my mom nagged me to stop wearing all black in high school! That’s why, when Sunday came around and our game wasn’t televised, I suggested to Husband we visit Gallo’s Tap Room at the recommendation from a reader.

Gallo’s Tap Room is located on the NW side, in the Olentangy Plaza shopping center, which is home to one of my favorite Asian Grocery stores (Columbus Asian Market) and what might be the most depressing place on earth (KMart, but that’s neither here nor there). Gallo’s is kind of a sports bar for beer snobs, which is just fine with me. I’m not really the sports bar sort, so it had never occurred to me to wear some sort of team-related paraphernalia (“should we get matching Steelers jerseys?” I said to Husband, who merely replied with a glare); I wasn’t aware of the sports-bar code. It’s this: if you are wearing a Steelers jersey, your server will kindly tell you what giant TV screen will be showing your game. Who knew? If you happen to be wearing a green tee shirt and a tan cardigan, your server will just assume you are out of place and not mention that you are about to watch the Browns.

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