The Future of Haiku is Uncertain with New Development Announcement

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Future of Haiku is Uncertain with New Development Announcement
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A year ago, Paul Liu, Owner of Short North sushi restaurant Haiku, was considering different concepts for the redevelopment of the parking lot located next door to his popular establishment. Today, an updated plan has been revealed from local developers at Crawford Hoying to rebuild the entire site into a ten-story hotel and office building. What that means for the restaurant at this point is not entirely clear.

“We have not made any decisions yet on whether to relocate or open in new building,” stated Liu. “We love our customers and employees and we will give our employees ample time of notice for employment and give enough time for our customers to redeem their gift cards. I think there is plenty of time before the commencement of construction.”

The project will see its first conceptual review at the September 20th Italian Village Commission meeting. Developer Crawford Hoying has already purchased the property from the Liu family in July for $4.1 million. Liu explained that the Short North’s evolution is what led to the decision to sell.

“When I decided to open Haiku 18 years ago, it was much different and I feel grateful for being able to see the growth and development of this beautiful neighborhood through the years,” he explained. “Unfortunately, however, this growing neighborhood has made it clear that it is time for something different and new.”

“Haiku’s been making love and magic at this corner of rainbow and diversity,” added Liu. “We will continue to add to this mix and diversity. I love the Short North.”

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