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The Football Foodie: Burger Edition

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Football Foodie: Burger Edition
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In a football town like Columbus, there’re no shortages of places to catch the game.  Whether for game day on Saturdays, or NFL showings on Sundays and Monday nights, there are over 100 bars and restaurants with over 500 screens tuned to battles featuring our favorite teams.

Similarly, in a food town like Columbus, it’s quite easy to find a spot to grab a burger. The goodness of the burger, however, fluctuates greatly as you move through communities and wallets. So where do you go to find a really great burger and catch your favorite game? Here are five spots worth the trip:

Arch City Tavern

  • Number of televisions: 7
  • Buckeye Capacity: 120 seats, 200 fans
  • Patio: No
  • Continuous Game Sound: Yes
  • Game Day Special: Lucky 13: Arch City Burger + Local Craft Beer – $13; $4 oyster shots (Saturday, Sunday, and MNF)
  • Burger to Have: Arch City Burger

Arch City Tavern is one of the newest additions to the Short North lineup of restaurants, and this fall, it enjoys its first season as a Buckeye hub. Arch City’s layout is open, with booths along the southern wall creating 9 distinct pockets for groups of six to enjoy the game.

On game day, they open at 10am. There are 24 taps serving craft beer at Arch City, with a large additional assortment of bottles, brown liquors, and other spirits.

The Arch City Burger is a combination of short rib, sirloin, chuck and brisket meat that should be cooked to the most ideal temperature for a beef burger: medium rare. It’s then adorned with grilled red onions, avocado, seasoned bacon,  Muenster cheese, and a chili aioli.

The burger is luscious. Using several cuts adds a richness and a beefiness to the burger that’s lost in other versions. It’s large, and definitely a man’s burger.

Arch City Tavern caters to a more mature and sophisticated Buckeye fan than may be expected that close to Ohio State’s campus. Their burger is $11, and their beers run on average about $5-$6 a glass. This is because everything is scratch-made in Chef Eric Gordon’s kitchen, and there is no Bud or Miller Light, or any of their cousins, on the menu.

If you’re the type who enjoys a fun, but not out-of-control game day experience, consider Arch City Tavern as the Buckeye season gets going. Arch City Tavern is located at 862 North High Street.

Photos by Craig Ferance.

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