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The Fitness Loft Opens on Parsons Avenue

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Fitness Loft Opens on Parsons AvenuePhotos via The Fitness Loft.
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The intersection of Livingston and Parsons is one that has changed rapidly in the past decade. Nationwide Children’s Hospital has redeveloped three of the four corners with new medical facilities, parking garages and office buildings while the streetscape has been beautified with brick crosswalks, bike lanes, landscaped medians and improved pedestrian infrastructure.

The fourth corner of the intersection has also seen rapid changes, but from a different developer. Jeff May began working at the Bobb Chevrolet dealership that was formerly located there, climbing the ladder from entry-level employee in the 1970s to eventual owner of the dealership. He sold the franchise in 2008, but kept the property as it was ripe for new development with the changes already in the works at Children’s Hospital across the street. Today, that site is already home to a CVS and Scrambler Marie’s, and this weekend The Fitness Loft will open in the new three-story Village Pointe building.

The new 25,000 square foot fitness center is noteworthy not only as the largest gym located immediately south of Downtown, but also because the business is a family affair — operated by Jeff May Jr., son of the property developer.

“I have spent so much of my life in and around the south end of Columbus, so it was obvious to me that the area could really benefit from a facility like The Fitness Loft,” said May. “I’m just blessed that my family has stood behind my vision.”

May said that the new facility is very unique to the market, offering a wide range of amenities both inside and outside of the actual gym.

“On the main floor of the center we have a private assessment room where members will go through a Wellness Screen that includes everything from height, weight, and body composition, to a finger-prick blood analysis,” he explained. “This information can be plugged into our cardio and strength equipment from Technogym, which prescribes individualized workouts and allows members to track every element of their workout. We can also set up ‘challenges’ on the machines that allow members to donate their miles to local charities – the more they workout, the more we will donate.”

The lobby of The Fitness Lofts will be home to Alchemy, a smoothie and cold-pressed juice bar that offers healthy snacks to fitness customers and to the neighborhood. The third floor of the building hosts two large fitness studios for group classes.

We even offer a Nutrition 101 series that covers everything from reading food labels to how to stock your pantry,” added May. “Periodically we will provide cooking classes and Lunch and Learns hosted by Local Matters. Also, the roof of The Fitness Loft is outfitted with a 1,100 square foot garden that will grow some of the vegetables and herbs for Alchemy.”

The Fitness Loft is expected to attract customers ranging from Children’s Hospital employees to residents of German Village and beyond.

“We hope that our unique offering will appeal to people all across the city,” said May.

The grand opening of The Fitness Loft takes place this Sunday, October 5th starting at 6am. The center will be open 6:00am to 9pm on Sundays and from 5am to 10pm the rest of the week.

For more information, visit www.fitnessloftcolumbus.com.

Photos via The Fitness Loft.





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