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The Fish Guys Leave North Market

Susan Post Susan Post The Fish Guys Leave North Market
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After nearly 14 years at the North Market, 59 Spruce St., The Fish Guys have closed up shop.

The stall was officially closed as of Monday, August 31.

“As with so many small businesses worldwide we have struggled since March of this year to make ends meet,” a Facebook post announcing the closure read. “A time comes when a business must realize their financial losses have devoured their gains and their efforts to tread water have been overcome by the need to head for the shore.”

Previous posts shed light on the difficult situation The Fish Guys, as well as other small businesses and vendors, have found themselves in as traffic and activity Downtown have decreased dramatically since the pandemic began.

“We have customers coming in disappointed that we don’t have the variety and quantity of fish and seafood we usually carry,” one post read. “We want to help our customers understand why and how they can help us. We carry some of the freshest fish you can get this far inland, but fresh products such as fish and seafood don’t stay fresh for long. We have reduced our buying considerably because we don’t have enough people coming into the market to support us spending the money that is required to carry such a fresh and perishable product.”

In sharing news of their closure, The Fish Guys said they were unsure if they would ever reopen, and instead would be focused on paying off debts accrued during the pandemic.

“We implore you to not let other small businesses suffer the loss as we have,” the post read. “Please, please support local small businesses if you can afford to. Without you more will go by the wayside, and many will never be seen again.”

The Fish Guys are the fourth vendor to leave the North Market over the last several months. Coco Cat Bakery & Chocolates made its departure in May, followed by Little Eater in June and Pistacia Vera in August.

For more information, visit The Fish Guys on Facebook.

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