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The Corporate Responsibility to Give Back Amplifies Impact

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega The Corporate Responsibility to Give Back Amplifies ImpactPhoto by Rick Buchanan.
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A valued characteristic of any business is a positive company culture, an identity with which any associate can connect. Within the ranks at L Brands can be found a common recognition of the prevalence of cancer and the motivation and momentum to offer something up — time, talent, or treasure.

“We know that giving takes on a lot of different meanings for different people and for different organizations,” said Janelle Coleman, President and Vice President of Community Relations for L Brands, “and so we want our associates to figure out the best way for them to give, and what’s going to fit best with them, and their lifestyle and their families.”

Most participate in Pelotonia somehow, the three-day bike ride that raises millions for the Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Ohio State University. Not all necessarily ride, maybe opting to volunteer or fundraise instead.

“We’re very involved with Pelotonia. We have the largest corporate team by far as it relates to participation, the number of riders and volunteers that we have, as well as dollars raised,” Coleman said. “Today, ironically, is the fundraising deadline for Pelotonia for the 2017 campaign, so we’ve been working to close out that campaign and see how much we will raise for this year.”

Beyond cancer research, L Brands supports nonprofits bringing positive change for women, children, education, the arts, and higher education. To amplify that impact, the L Brands Foundation contributes to The Big Give Bonus Pool. In 1993, the L Brands Foundation was created, L Brands’ own giving pool that’s supported directly by The Columbus Foundation.

Through The Big Give, Coleman said, The Columbus Foundation brings awareness to different nonprofits and furthers the mission of the “Columbus way,” the union between the public and private sectors that’s formed to achieve progress.

“You’ve probably heard the expression ‘the Columbus way,’ she said. “It’s used a lot in our community, and really the definition behind that is, ‘The public sector and the private sector coming together, stacking hands to meet those critical needs and those critical issues within our community, to make the community better for everyone.’”

As a corporate leader, and with headquarters in Columbus, Coleman feels a certain obligation to the greater community to give back. Their beneficiaries are the United Way, Pelotonia, Think Pink for Breast Cancer, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Komen Columbus, Komen New York, and the American Cancer Society.

“Unfortunately, there are very few of us who have not been touched by cancer in some way, whether directly or indirectly, and so that message of ‘one goal, end cancer’ is pretty clear,” Coleman said.

As a corporate partner, L Brands is contributing to a bonus pool topping $1.3 million. Any donation made during the 26-hour Big Give is eligible for funds from that pool, based on a pro rata basis. One hundred percent of donations received during The Big Give will go to eligible nonprofits who are part of the Foundation’s Giving Store.

The Big Give takes place October 10 and 11.

For more information on L Brands, visit www.lb.com/responsibility/inclusion/community–philanthropy.

To learn more about The Big Give, visit columbusfoundation.org/giving-events/big-give-2017.

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