The Confluence Cast: The Columbus Real Estate Market

Tim Fulton Tim Fulton The Confluence Cast: The Columbus Real Estate Market
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There are three things that matter in real estate: location, location, location. While that adage is true, there are a couple more things to know about the Columbus real estate market.

In this week’s episode we are talking with Marc Conte from the Downtown Special Improvement District to talk about the real estate landscape in Downtown — how it changed, how its growing, and why we have some catching up to do. After that we have an in depth conversation with local realtor Joe Peffer on the ins and outs of buying a new home, working with your realtor, and why it’s important to wash your windows.

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This week’s Confluence Cast is sponsored by Delicious Real Estate, a locally owned real estate brokerage serving all of Central Ohio but primarily Downtown Columbus neighborhoods and first-ring suburbs. You can find out more about why Delicious Real Estate caps their seller-side commissions and will never represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction at

This broadcast is sponsored by Telhio Credit Union. When you bank with Telhio, your money stays local, building homes and businesses right here in our community. Learn to believe in banking again and take the Telhio challenge. When you do, Telhio will give you $100 and match that to a local charity. Start at Telhio is open to all in Central Ohio. Federally insured by NCUA.

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