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The Confluence Cast: Create Columbus Commission

Tim Fulton Tim Fulton The Confluence Cast: Create Columbus Commission
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This week, we’re talking about young professionals in Columbus. Specifically, the Create Columbus Commission. The group was originally chartered by Mayor Michael B. Coleman ten year ago to provide guidance on how to attract and retain young professionals to Columbus.

Their grant program is in full swing for the year, with opportunities for social enterprise organizations, ideas, and artists to get monies to see their concepts come to fruition. I spoke with the commissions chair, Jordan Davis about the grant program and the importance of the commission.

We also touched on why young professionals need and deserve and a seat at the table and why Columbus doesn’t need another new YP group.

At the end of the episode, I have a special treat for you. A good friend of mine, Travis Irvine will be in town this week to record a comedy album along with local comedy stalwart Dustin Meadows. On the occasion of those shows, we’re wrapping up this week with a piece by Travis about Columbus.

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