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The Columbus Foundation Launches The Giving Store

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Columbus Foundation Launches The Giving Store
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Donating to local charities just got a little bit easier. On Thursday, The Columbus Foundation launched The Giving Store — a new online portal for philanthropic giving. The new site allows visitors to discover details about local nonprofits and make donations online, and later this year will incorporate crowdfunding functionality.

“We’re committed to improving our community through smart charitable investments — and we are constantly pursuing ways to animate and make giving easy in our community,” said Doug Kridler, President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation. “Electronic commerce has improved so much in terms of utility and customer experience. With The Giving Store, many such features are now available for our region’s giving experience.”

One of the most noteworthy new features is the personalized customization of the user’s profile, which will help connect donors with nonprofits that fit their interests. This will further tie into the crowdfunding functionality later this year, which will help connect the giving community with timely projects and important needs.

For more information, visit columbusfoundation.org/the-giving-store.

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