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The City Center Skywalk is Coming Down

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DowntownColumbus.com wrote BEHOLD: BE-HOLED

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Unlike other downtown structures, the Sky Bridge isn’t going out with a BOOM. There will be no explosions’ nor will there be implosions.

But the big Bridge is going out in style. You might even say that it’s going out in unprecedentedly unique style. On October 22, the demolition team will showcase the destruction and area political leaders and the community will gather as they reveal a giant hole in the Bridge.

Normally, a hole isn’t something to celebrate. A hole in the nylons, a hole in an inflatable pool: all bad things. But this particular hole in the skyline will eventually allow dramatic changes to take place on that centralized stretch of High Street.

Columbus Downtown Development Corp.’s Amy Taylor shared the timeline on the project. “The Bridge will be removed by the beginning of December, and retail storefronts will be built out sometime in the spring.” That’s right, spiffy new retail storefronts. With the bridge gone, daylight will spill down into that dark corridor and will illuminate fun, street-side spending opportunities.

So, even if there’s no explosive BOOM in the near future, the big hole is surely an explosive BOON for downtown’s future.


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