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The Buzz: 4 Ice Cream Flavors, 5 Local Companies

Melanie McIntyre Melanie McIntyre The Buzz: 4 Ice Cream Flavors, 5 Local Companies
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Now you can beat the heat with new ice creams chock full of yummy ingredients from four local companies.

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream yesterday announced the launch of the Columbus Collection− four unique flavors made with products from fellow Central Ohio-based companies Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, Just Pies, Krema Nut Company, and Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties.

Columbus Collection flavors include Signature Mocha −featuring Crimson Cup’s Armando’s Blend Coffee, white chocolate curls, and caramel− and Apple Blueberry Crisp− featuring apple pie from Just Pies with blueberry swirl ice cream and graham cracker crust.

Columbus Collection Ice Creams. Salty Caramel Nutty Blonde, Signature Mocha and Apple Blueberry Crisp. 

Other flavors are Cashew Crunch Fudge Swirl −featuring chocolate-coated cashew crunch pieces from Krema, vanilla bean ice cream, and chocolate fudge− and Salty Caramel Nutty Blonde− featuring Nutty Blonde Brownie Bites from Sugardaddy’s, vanilla bean ice cream, and salty caramel.

“We presented the opportunity to companies that we already have great working business relationships with,” said Matt Wilcoxon, vice president of sales at Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, of the flavor collaborations.

It took about three months to create and refine all the flavors, which were created using each partner’s top sellers.

“We evaluated the taste of each flavor one batch at a time until we got the perfect blend of ingredients for each ice cream,” he explained.

Columbus Collection ice creams are made in the Johnson’s Real Ice Cream shop and ice cream factory at 2728 E. Main St. in Bexley.

The ice creams, which cost $6.99 per pint, will hit shelves beginning the week of June 17.

They will be available at Hills Market, Weilands Gourmet Market, Huffmans Market, Rifes, Granville IGA, Johnson’s Bexley, Johnson’s New Albany, Just Pies, Krema, Sugardaddy’s, and Crimson Cup Coffee House in Clintonville.

Plans to sell the collection at additional grocers and restaurants are underway.

To learn more about Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, visit JohnsonsRealIceCream.com.

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