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The Butcher’s Baker Coming Soon to Italian Village

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Butcher’s Baker Coming Soon to Italian VillagePhoto by Walker Evans.
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When Dan Krause bought out his original business partner at That Food Truck last year, it was with the intention of returning to and refocusing the truck on his first loves: smoked meats and butchery.

A regular gig at Seventh Son Brewing gave Krause the opportunity to introduce folks to what he has dubbed Ohio-Style BBQ: minimally-seasoned meats cooked low and slow, right around 210 degrees, over wood fire. It’s a simple process that yields incredible product.

And it’s the backbone of his restaurant venture, The Butcher’s Baker, that he hopes to launch this Fall. This restaurant would be old-world, in the best sense, using no gas in the kitchen, only wood.

Another old-world practice: sourcing almost 100% locally and using every part of every product. This includes burning bones for charcoal, and using fat to make candles. Krause is committed to being completely Ohio and sustainable, aiming to produce 0% waste at the restaurant.

He calls it “butter-to-bread”, and it’s a concept that promises to be as delicious as it sounds. Krause will be cooking whole pigs on the spit, making pizzas inside a brick oven, and whatever is not used for the restaurant will be used for the truck, which will still be in operation.

In fact, the biggest plus of the brick-and-mortar is the increase in space to cook. Krause still hopes to continue to incorporate the truck in regular operations, but sees this step as the inevitable as he shares his passion for the craft.

“I’m finally confident enough to think I can open a restaurant because I know now what it will take to make it work,” shares Krause on the move. “I come from a naturalist family, where I was taught to respect the land. This is what I’ve always been working towards, even when I didn’t know it yet.”

He sees this new restaurant, located at 1023 North Sixth Street in Italian Village, as an opportunity to celebrate Ohio. He’s teamed up with Matt Swint of Perzoot, with whom he has a culinary bromance, to combine baking and butchery in an exciting way.

The rotating menu will feature individual signature pizzas that should sell for around $8, as well as charcuterie and lunch and dinner plates. Practically everything on the menu will be scratch-made, right down to the butter.

Krause hopes that the restaurant will, in the future, serve as so much more. His five-year plan includes a greenhouse and patio gardens, space for other local vendors to peddle their fare, and offering butchery and baking classes, including whole beast breakdown and sausage making.

For now, the roughly 2,000 square feet space will seat about 90 guests once opened this Fall. Krause hopes to start selling breads and other baked goods as early as this summer though.

The Butcher’s Baker will be open Wednesday-Saturday, 4pm -midnight once launched. For more, visit www.thatfoodtruck.com.

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