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The Butcher Shop Brings Megaformer Workouts to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Butcher Shop Brings Megaformer Workouts to Columbus
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Blockbuster Video rental stores are officially a thing of the past. But the old German Village location at 780 South High Street didn’t sit empty for very long. If you haven’t already noticed, The Butcher Shop Fitness popped up in the back half of the building back in June, and has been building a customer base around its unique workout equipment ever since.

We spoke recently with Butcher Shop Partner Jonathan Benowitz to find out more about the new gym. Our full Q&A can be found below:

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Q: First can you tell us a bit about your background as it relates to the fitness industry?

A: We have been sports and fitness enthusiasts our entire lives and, while working in the hospitality industry in Los Angeles, became hooked on the Lagree Fitness method and the Megaformer that we now feature in our Butcher Shop Fitness studio. It was the only fitness program that provided a comprehensive workout – strength, cardio, balance, coordination and flexibility – and was the perfect complement to the other activities we were involved in (running, basketball, rowing, cycling, etc.)

Q: What spurred the development and opening of The Butcher Shop?

A: After moving to Columbus we noticed the Megaformer was not present in Ohio and only existed in one other studio in the Midwest (Chicago). Given our appreciation for the workout and desire to own and operate our own business, we quickly focused on opening The Butcher Shop with plans to expand to other nearby markets.

Q: What drew you to open the first location in German Village / Brewery District area?

A: The German Village / Brewery District location is close to Downtown, and is home to many individuals in our target market (25-45 year olds). Our location is easily accessible on High Street and provides convenient free parking in our lot.

Q: How has the reception been since opening?

A: We opened in June and our business has been building steadily since then. We have capacity to accommodate many more clients and are actively trying to attract new people to the Butcher Shop.

Q: What makes The Butcher Shop different from other fitness facilities?

A: As mentioned, the Butcher Shop is the only studio in Ohio with the Megaformer 3 (M3) and the Lagree Fitness method. The M3 provides a comprehensive full body workout in a 50 minute small group class setting. It’s unique design efficiently targets muscle groups in ways that other workouts do not – all with minimal impact on the joints. So, you will get an extremely effective workout, burn calories, build strength and flexibility with very little risk of getting hurt. Our focus on slow and controlled movements, keeping constant tension on the muscles will make you stronger and leaner with a more tapered physique.

Q: Anything else our readers should know?

A: Our workout is intense but can be adjusted for all types of clients – so anyone can do it and all will see results. We are committed to providing a great workout experience that will help our clients lead happier and healthier lives. First class is free and we are running a special on memberships and packages through January 15.

For more information, visit www.thebutchershopfitness.com.

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