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The Brown Bag in German Village

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People have been telling me to go to the Brown Bag Deli ever since it changed ownership a few years ago, and I finally made it.

I really have been missing out.

I selected the Brown Bag Sub for Husband, and because he usually eats for the day in one sitting, selected the whole size. Half was sufficient; the whole sub is enormous. It has pastrami, cappacola, salami, hot pepper cheese, and Italian dressing on a large, good sub roll. Since I was in transit and it wasn’t going to get to Husband for awhile, I chose to have it cold, which was fine, but I think it would be even better toasted.

For myself, I chose the Mohawk Stroller – turkey and roasted red peppers on a cheddar herb roll with sprouts and basil pesto. This might be one of the best sandwiches I have had in a very long time. Not only were the ingredients inside the sandwich tasty, balanced, and of high quality, the roll was superb. I don’t know from whence these rolls come, but whatever bakery it is, does a mighty fine job. Half was good for me, and I saved half for eating at the end of a busy Thursday night – it was still tasty after sitting in the cooler at work for 7 hours! (I apologize for the poor picture quality)


I chose two kinds of potato salad for sides – a traditional mustard potato salad, and an amazing smoky potato salad, with bacon and smoked cheese. Things almost came to blows over the smoked potato salad (just kidding); it is that good. The traditional potato salad was also tasty, but the smoky one was so different it kind of overshadowed. This might rival Banana Bean’s Shrimp Boil potato salad as my favorite in town. Have I mentioned how much I love potato salad?


At any rate, I suggest you find yourself struggling for a parking space in German Village, at the corner of Mohawk & Whittier. Brown Bag also offers carryout dinners (today’s is marinated flank steak over spinach), which you can pick up on your way home and server when you get there, as well as catering. And, if you need a cupcake fix after lunch, Bakery Gingham is right next door!

info: Brown Bag Delicatessen 898 Mohawk St in German Village 614.443.4214

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