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The Big Gay Art Show is Super, Thanks for Asking!

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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This weekend, Junctionview Studios is hosting the first annual “Big Gay Art Show”, a showcase of visual arts from the Columbus LGBT community. The event also includes a variety of performance art, food vendors, and proceeds that will benefit the Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

We sat down with Devon Palmer, one of the local artists organizing the event at Junctionview, as well as Angie Wellman, Executive Director at Kaleidoscope to find out more about this upcoming event.

Walker Evans: The Big Gay Art Show is one of the new events in this year’s long lineup at Junctionview Studios. Where did the concept come from?

Devon Palmer: The event was originally conceived by Adam Crum, a local gay artist. Other GLBT artists at Junctionview Studios wanted to provide a “different” kind of art event focused on community, expression and self-esteem by providing a positive venue to show work. The partnering with KYCohio and local sponsors was totally in line with the events mission.

WE: Can you tell us a bit about some of the types of artists participating or what sort of themes we can expect to see in the work shown?

DP: We have a full range of talent, from the fantastic Paul Richmond, PoMo Galaxy and several other emerging artists who are just beginning to show work. Work ranges from campy to more serious themes and messages. We’ll also be feature live performing artists, such as Nina West and company.

WE: When you opened up the call for artists, were there any specific things you wanted to do to encourage artists on the fence about submitting their work?

DP: This is a groundbreaking show, similar to the fantastic “Exhibit of Pride” produced by StoneWall. I wanted to see any and all local artists, regardless of their sexual orientation, submit work. It’s a great way to represent your community, the cause, and to take the “big leap” of showing your work for the first time in a formal gallery setting. There’s no commission nor jury fee, and all sale proceeds go directly to the artist.

WE: Angie, can you tell us a bit more about the Kaledoscope Youth Center, who will be benefiting from other proceeds at the event?

Angie Wellman: Our Mission is to work in partnership with young people in Central Ohio to create safe and empowering environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth through advocacy, education and support. We provide direct services to youth, training and education to youth service providers, and important information relating to sexual orientation and gender identity issues to the community at large. From peer-to-peer programs to HIV prevention and education, to after-school programs, and peer counseling services; Kaleidoscope assists LGBTQ youth in the transition to healthy, productive adults and provides them with the necessary tools to become leaders in the greater community.

WE: Devon, is there anything people should know if they’re interested in attending?

DP: The event opens at 5pm on Saturday, October 3rd at Junctionview Studios, which is located at 889 Williams Avenue in Grandview. We’ll have some great live entertainment throughout the evening, food from local vendors including Patty Cake, Slammers Pizza, Spinellis, and Kevin’s Espresso Cart, and some great local performing artists. This is the first show of what will be an annual event. Come experience the start of something great for the GLBT community in Columbus in this “inclusive” event.

More information about the Big Gay Art Show can be found at www.JunctionviewStudios.com.

More information about Kaleidoscope can be found at www.kycohio.org.

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