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The Big Book—Celebrating the Voices of Our Future

 Margaret Robinson, The Columbus Foundation The Big Book—Celebrating the Voices of Our Future"The Big Book: Voices of Our Future" is a collection of community stories commissioned by The Columbus Foundation and written by area teens representing each of the 23 branch locations of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.
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Earlier this month, friends and family gathered at the Columbus Metropolitan Library—Main Branch to congratulate the 23 young authors who contributed to The Big Book: Voices of Our Future. The book, commissioned by The Columbus Foundation in celebration of its 75th anniversary, is a dynamic collection of stories written by young people representing each of the library’s 23 locations.

Between the pages are the honest and personal reflections of the young authors’ hopes, dreams, and visions for the future. Each story is poignant, bold, innocent, startling, courageous, and inspiring. Giving voice to the different backgrounds and experiences of each author ensures everyone’s voice has the opportunity to be heard. The Big Book: Voices of Our Future illustrates what The Columbus Foundation’s founders envisioned—a better tomorrow for us all!

“The young men and women featured in this book, like our donors, come from different backgrounds. Each has unique gifts to offer, and each has goals, dreams and challenges to meet. Their voices are important.” 

—Douglas F. Kridler, President and CEO, The Columbus Foundation

The Big Book: Voices of Our Future stories are animated through original watercolors by young local artist, Miles Balfour. 

Readers can also hear the authors read their own stories through TheBigBook App created by JASStek now available in the App Store or Google Play. The Big Book is also available for purchase in the library store.
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