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The Bexley Chocolatier is Ready to Take Your Order

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Bexley Chocolatier is Ready to Take Your Order
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Almost everyone has had that moment — your co-worker brings in something home-made that floors you and you insist he/she must go into business right away. Or, conversely, you’re the cook over whom everyone’s gushing. Either way, these are usually moments of jest, repeated with a certain amount of regularity, so it’s almost a routine between friends.

Not so in the case of Josh Lusiak and Michael Gillam, who met while working at a Trader Joe’s. They are now the proud owners and operators of The Bexley Chocolatier, an online gourmet chocolate shop launched in February of this year.

Michael is the chocolate man and Josh is the gusher. After what was described as a jaw-dropping taste experience, Josh told Michael they had to start a business right away. After discovering they were essentially neighbors in Bexley, the guys decided to jump in.

“It’s one thing to talk about a dream, but we decided to make something happen,” shares Lusiak. “Chocolate is something that intimately connects with everyone. It’s celebratory, comforting, and can be expressive with the limitless flavor profiles that can be created.”

So with the help of family and friends (aka: their pre-launch Quality Assurance Team) Lusiak and Gillam created The Bexley Chocolatier — a virtual business in an attempt to keep overhead costs low and product quality high.

As many ingredients as possible are locally-sourced, and each confection is a small-batch creation guaranteed to impress. Each piece is artistically prepared, which means that no two look alike (like snowflakes), but they are all crafted to be superb and satisfying.

The flavors at The Bexley Chocolatier are as compelling as they are distinctive. They run the gamut from expressive Vanilla Bean Dream and Dark Lavender, to adventurous Ghost Chili Caramel and Dundicut Pumpkin Spice, and almost anything in between that can be imagined.

Orders can be placed in quantities as small as a box of four, but the guys can also cater weddings, corporate events, holiday gatherings, and any other occasion that should be marked by chocolate.

They can customize your packaging and work with business logos. Delivery is free for the Bexley area, a way to build personal relationships within the community, which could be difficult without a brick-and-mortar store.

There is no plan for that in the immediate future, but very soon you may be able to find The Bexley Chocolatier’s offerings at the Worthington Indoor Farmers Market as a pop-up, and they are currently in negotiations with several retail outlets around Central Ohio to carry their product in the near future.

“I will do absolutely everything I can to make sure our customers have the most exquisite piece of chocolate or flawless customized event,” adds Lusiak about what distinguishes The Bexley Chocolatier from other local outfits. “The level of personal service and attention to detail we deliver to our customers is legendary. I’ve had customers call or text me to deliver just one of our Spicy Caramel Sticks to get their fix. It’s kind of awesome to see how much our customers love what we’re cranking out.”

For a complete confectionery menu, or to place an order, visit www.bexleychocolatier.com.

Photo by Walker Evans.

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