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2015 was a big year for the suburb of Bexley. Many new stores and restaurants opened their doors (and construction began on a major new Giant Eagle grocery store), giving our readers plenty to choose from when asked about their favorite new additions to the city. The number one choice from our readers survey turned out to be the Zoe Cafe, located at 2376 East Main Street. The breakfast-lunch-and-dinner restaurant officially opened at the tail end of 2014, but Columbus Underground readers considered it a new high water mark for the local Bexley dining scene (and a destination for those who live outside of the suburb) for the expanse of 2015.

For more information, visit www.zoecafecols.com.

Top Five New Additions to Bexley in 2015:

  1. Zoe Cafe
  2. Aab India
  3. Easy Street Cafe
  4. Urban Emporium
  5. New Upgrades to The Drexel Theater

Note: Our “Best of 2015″ lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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