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The Barrel and Bottle is Expanding, Adding On-Site Drinking to North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Barrel and Bottle is Expanding, Adding On-Site Drinking to North Market
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A missing North Market feature often requested by customers is the ability to “sip and stroll” — which is a civilized way of saying that they want to be able to drink beer and wine while shopping for groceries, similar to what is offered in upscale stores like Whole Foods, Giant Eagle Market District and The Hills Market. While that allowance has not quite been made just yet, a big step in that direction is under way.

“It’s not unusual for a customer to ask us if they can have their wine or beer at the North Market especially when they have just picked up lunch or dinner at one of the other merchants,” says Collin Castore, co-owner of The Barrel and Bottle wine and beer shop located inside the Market. “Unfortunately, the answer has been no. That is, until today.”

Castore along with co-owner Jen Burton have announced that The Barrel and Bottle will be expanding their stall to provide a larger selection of products in addition to bar-style and communal seating where customers can enjoy adult beverages purchased on site to pair with their meals.

“Enhanced customer offerings were at top of mind when the decision was made to move forward with this project,” says North Market Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe. “Jen and Collin are providing an entirely new feature and service to the market. We are ecstatic, and I am sure market shoppers will be too.”

The additional 511 square feet of space for Barrel & Bottle comes from their taking over the adjacent Holy Smoke BBQ spot, as Holy Smoke relocates within the Market as a part of a larger renovation project taking place throughout the entire building. On-site drinking will currently be restricted to the Barrel & Bottle area.

“We are also very excited to be able to expand our cocktail section,” added Burton. “Things like Aperol, specialty vermouths and fancy ice cubes have become some of our best selling items in the past couple of years. Right now, we basically have one little shelf on the counter for these things — soon they will have their own section.”

The expansion and updates at The Barrel and Bottle are expected to be completed by January.

More information can be found online at www.northmarket.com/the-barrel-bottle.

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