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The Alive’s Ultimate Bar Guide 2008

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Alive wrote The Late Show 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

By G.A. Benton

There’s only one lousy thing about happy hour – it finishes before you do. Selfish, huh? Which brings us to the pertinent, absorbing and “hey, why was that last stinkin’ drink so freakin’ expensive?” question: Who died and made 4 to 7 p.m. king of the good times?

Fortunately, there are some groundbreaking establishments in our ever-more-forward-looking town that are boldly going where few taverns have gone before. God love ’em. You should love them, too. And I’m perfectly certain you will, as soon as you read the names of these philanthropic operations heroically providing such visionary, community-embracing services: Mad Mex, Cazuela’s, Lemongrass, Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, Brio, McCormick & Schmick’s, and Old Bag of Nails Pub.


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