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Thank Yoga Studio Launches Playful Rebrand

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Thank Yoga Studio Launches Playful RebrandMelissa Petty, owner of Thank Yoga, photographed by Morgan Whitney.
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“For me yoga isn’t life, yoga is the thing that makes life better. It’s the icing, not the cake,” says Melissa Petty, owner of the recently rebranded Thank Yoga studio tucked behind the storefronts at 29 E. Fifth Ave. near the Short North and Italian Village. “I don’t want you to look at your practice like ‘eating your vegetables;’ I want it to be like eating a treat that secretly has vegetables in it.”

Melissa Petty, owner of Thank Yoga, photographed by Morgan Whitney. Short North Yoga

Melissa Petty, owner of Thank Yoga, photographed by Morgan Whitney.

And so, her Thank Yoga studio has been re-arranged, re-painted, and re-branded as more than a yoga studio, but it still is one of the most pleasant places for yoga in Columbus. There are windows on three sides, giving natural light to a cozy studio, with wonderful wood floors, and an above average sound system. Petty added a seating area and a space to showcase merchandise. Parking is available behind the building.

“Owning a business has been one of the hardest and most eye-opening experiences for me on a personal level,” says Petty. “The first year of owning the studio, I constantly felt like I had ‘big shoes to fill’ but the problem with filling someone else’s shoes is that with every step you’re reminded that they’re not yours. For me, the rebranding is putting on my own shoes, and encouraging everyone else to do the same.”

For the re-branding of Thank Yoga, Petty brought in designer Kate Davis and photographer Morgan Whitney.

“I honestly couldn’t have dreamed up a better team if I tried,” says Petty. “The rebranding was a total collaborative effort. … I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the support of my amazing team. I know it probably sounds hyperbolic, but I just feel so dang fortunate that I get to employ such amazing individuals. It is incredibly comforting to have a group of babes who are so passionate about what they do and are wholeheartedly invested in each other and the community. I’m pretty sure I could write an epic poem about how much I love my staff—but I’ll spare them the embarrassment.”

Along with the rebranding at Thank Yoga studio is a shift in focus.

“Yes, we are still primarily a yoga studio, but we’re opening up room to be more than that,” says Petty. “We hosted executive & life coach Regan Walsh earlier this month for a workshop on clarifying priorities and developing tools to create goals. We’re deep in the process of developing more lifestyle focused workshop and content.”

Thank Yoga Yoga Studio Short North Columbus

New seating area. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Thank Yoga Short North Yoga Columbus Ohio

Thank Yoga’s redesigned studio. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Thank Yoga Short North Columbus Ohio

An inspiration wall. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Thank Yoga design

The new logo, designed by Kate Davis. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Coming up is a Spring Cleaning workshop with Alexandria Ianni on Sunday, April 8, and Thank Yoga is partnering with Kindred Brewing on a special event. Petty also started a Thank Yoga Studio blog to think about big life questions in her own fun way.

One of the driving forces behind the new Thank Yoga studio brand was playfulness.

“I feel like the general tide lately (and this isn’t just yoga this is social media/life in general) has been focused so singularly on how complicated and uncomfortable and challenging being a human is…and I just don’t want to waste any more of my time obsessing over the hard stuff,” Petty says. “That’s not to say that I’m trying to deny that it exists, I just feel like there are other things about life that I’d rather direct my energy towards. In those hard human moments, it just feels better (to me) to crack a joke than to perseverate.”

Petty’s humor is infectious, and it radiates from her staff, too. Thank Yoga classes are full of good tunes, great moves, and those nifty gifts of quiet that yoga can bring to mind and body.

For more information, visit thankyogastudio.com.


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