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Texting While Driving Now Illegal in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Last month, Columbus City Councilmember Andrew Ginther hosted multiple public hearings to discuss the issue of texting while driving. This evening, a city ordinance was passed unanimously by present members of City Council to make the practice illegal.

The ordinance is worded to ban text messaging, checking or sending email, web surfing, social networking applications and any other internet-based functions operated on mobile devices while driving an automobile.

“Texting while driving is dangerous for many reasons, but it’s particularly dangerous because it takes drivers hands, minds and eyes off the road at the same time,” stated Councilmember Ginther at tonight’s City Council Meeting.

Columbus will be joining 19 other states as well as the cities of Cleveland and Bexley to make texting while driving illegal. A statewide Ohio ban has been under consideration as well.

“While I welcome a statewide ban, the timetable for passage remains uncertain,” added Ginther. “People in Columbus have been waiting patiently for the state to take action, but we cannot wait any longer.”

Violations to the new law can result in a $150 fine. The new legislation will take effect on May 5th.

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