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TEDxColumbus Relocates to Capitol Theatre in 2014

Walker Evans Walker Evans TEDxColumbus Relocates to Capitol Theatre in 2014
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The sixth annual TEDxColumbus event will take place on November 7th from noon to 6pm in a brand new venue: The Capitol Theatre in the Riffe Center. A variety of speakers and performers will tackle the topic STEAM, focusing on education, energy, food, emotion and other themes.

“We’ve been blessed with a passionate collection of curious learners that has taken TEDxColumbus from a modest gathering of conversation seekers to a highly anticipated and celebrated event for our community,” said Ruth Milligan, Founder and Co-Organizer, TEDxColumbus. “The impact of giving a TEDx talk is indeed powerful for that individual, but the collective experience from 900 attendees hearing the ideas together from local thinkers, researchers, designers and creators has unparalleled ripple effects throughout our community.”

Full details of the event will arrive this summer, which will include community services projects, live art installations and other “TEDxColumbus Experiences” for participants.

“What happens off the stage is as important as on,” said Milligan. “Our desire is to enhance the shared experiential moments. What could be better than taking some of our collective, creative, innovative steam into the community?”

Speaker nominations are currently open through June 1st. Details and applications can be found HERE.

WOSU TV will also be airing a special on TEDxColumbus on June 25 at 10pm. This hour-long program will feature four talks from the 2013 TEDxColumbus stage, including Gabrielle Burton, Dax Blake, Mohamed Ali and Austin Channel.

“We are constantly inspired by the provocative ideas of those in the Columbus community, which is why we are so excited to partner with TEDxColumbus, to further illuminate them through this local special,” said Tom Rieland, General Manager of WOSU Public Media. “This show was a natural extension of our growing local relationship with TEDxColumbus to create more conversation and dialogue across the community.”

For more information, visit www.tedxcolumbus.com.

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