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Tatoheads Public House Now Open on Parsons Avenue

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Tatoheads Public House Now Open on Parsons AvenuePhotos by Walker Evans.
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It came as a bit of a shock when Jay Cheplowitz, owner of south side vegan hot spot Hal & Al’s, announced in early July that he had sold the popular watering hole. The venue had been open for five years and had long hosted the Food Truck & Cart Hop on the last Sunday of every month.

Daniel McCarthy founded the Tatoheads food truck in 2011, which has become one of the most popular in the city. He bought the spot at 1297 Parsons Avenue, and has redubbed it Tatoheads Public House.

The change in ownership was seamless, which means that the restaurant never actually closed. Instead, McCarthy offered the Hal & Al’s menu for two weeks, and then began the transition to the Tatoheads food truck menu on Monday, July 14th.

Guests can now enjoy the same fare they do from the truck at the brick-and-mortar, including the Bacon Cheese Fries and the Italian Beef Tots. There are some vegan selections still being offered as McCarthy works on evolving the menu to include more than just spuds by month’s end.

Customers will also appreciate that little will change on the awesome beer lineup that Hal & Al’s has always featured, although there will be more focus on streamlining for local products, including the addition of Rambling House Soda on tap and the introduction of a list of specially-chosen wines.

Tatoheads Public House is open Monday-Thursday, 4pm – midnight, Friday-Saturday, noon till 2:30am, and Sunday, noon-midnight. For more on Tatoheads Public House, follow www.facebook.com/tatoheads.


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