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Tasting Room at The Actual Brewing Company Now Open

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Tasting Room at The Actual Brewing Company Now Open
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The Actual Brewing Company launched onto the Columbus craft beer scene in 2010, and in that time, has produced some of the most beloved batches of brew in this city. Indeed, Actual beers can be found in bars, restaurants, and shops across Central Ohio, and their fans swear by their attention to nuance and no-nonsense approach to making fine beer.

That’s about the only thing that’s serious about the guys at Actual Brewing though, where the ambiance more closely resembles buddies brewing in their basement than an actual business. This is reflected in their new tasting room, which looks like your first college apartment. On purpose.

The entire brewery is little over 4,000 square feet, and in an effort to utilize every inch of the space, the guys recently opened a taproom where customers can come in for the true Actual experience. The decor is “living room chic”, with stools, couches, and even a refrigerator for snacks filling the room around the tap station.

There’re currently two taps in operation, one carrying Elektron, a 6.2% ABV amber ale that uses Ohio-sourced oats and rye to produce a clean and creamy finish, and a true star, the Fat Julian, a bold imperial stout that can get as high as 11.5% ABV, but tastes smooth, light, and timeless.

The non-traditional tasting room can comfortably hold 30-40 guests at a time, but larger groups of up to 300 can be accommodated. Actual Brewing is located at 655 North James Road, which is actually in Airport Plaza. It’s a little tricky to find, but totally worth the effort.

Chris Moore is one of the principal brewers at Actual. He calls himself a “beer chemist”, and it’s a fitting title for the process in which he engages in order to produce the quality grog we all enjoy. He’s a science guy who does most of the work himself, including bottling and kegging.

His twin brother, Alex, is Actual’s primary distributor, a none-too-small job for one person. But that’s the philosophy at Actual: everyone brews, everyone sells. This attitude results in a company that understands the virtue in hard work, and one that can’t wait to share the spoils of that diligence with their patrons.

“If we didn’t love our customers, we wouldn’t do this. It’s all for them,” shares both Chris and Alex on their passion for the craft. “We love delicious beer, and we love making beer that can truly stand up next to any other. We do everything ourselves so we’re sure it’s done the way we want it, the way that’s best for our loyal drinkers.”

Actual Brewing has also recently begun bottling their beers, which is worth picking up for the artwork on the bottles alone. They’re done by Mira Lee, wife of founder, Fred Lee, and they’re kitschy, fun, and collectible. Currently, the Fat Julian and the Orthodox Winter IPA, a 6.9% ABV offering that’s so crisp and exciting, you could drink it all night, are being sold in bottles.

The Actual Brewing Tasting Room is now open Thursday-Saturday, 5pm – 10pm, as opposed to just Friday. They also now accept credit cards, not just cash, so bring a group of your closest friends to revel in an evening of good beer and good company. There are even food trucks on site at times to feed the inevitable pangs of hunger.

For more on Actual Brewing’s beers, taproom offerings, and events, check out www.actualbrewing.com.

Photos by Craig Ferance.

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