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Target Closing West Side Location in November

Walker Evans Walker Evans Target Closing West Side Location in NovemberPhoto via Wikipedia.
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The West Side Target, located at 3720 Soldano Blvd (in the Consumer Square Shopping Center off West Broad Street), will be closing their doors sometime in November. A part time employee tipped us off in a discussion about West Side redevelopment ideas on our messageboard, noting that the decision to close was made about a week ago. A call to the store this morning confirmed the November closure, though a final date is still unknown at this point.

Large retail centers have struggled to attract and retain tenants on the city’s west side over the past several decades, with the most notable example being the shuttered Westland Mall. Rumors of a Westland redevelopment, often referred to as “Weston” have circulated for nearly a decade, but concrete plans have failed to materialize.

The West Side Target seems to have been in a similar state of decline, at least from a customer perception angle. In 2011, CU Messageboard poster Twixlen stated “that Target suffers from the same issue that Kohl’s has… they are trying to angle their products to a perceived clientele, which in turn alienates the clientele they have. Some people stop shopping there, preferring the larger selection at other Targets, so the West Broad store stops carrying as much stock, and the snowball effect grows. That Target hasn’t remodeled since it opened, so it also appears old and outdated. It’s a shame – at one point I remember that Target touting it was the highest grossing Target in the state… those days are long gone.”

West side Target shoppers still have 12 other regional stores to choose from once the Consumer Square location closes, with the nearest ones located in Hilliard and Grove City.

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