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Tarantino’s 9 + Some Coming to Studio 35

George Wolf George Wolf Tarantino’s 9 + Some Coming to Studio 35Photo via IMDb
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Who’s hungry for a Royale with Cheese? Mike McGraner hopes you’re down for a dozen.

“Literally everything Quentin Tarantino’s directed, acted in or written is going to be shown over twelve months,” McGraner says.

Coming off a successful showcase of David Lynch’s film history last year, McGraner didn’t have to ponder too long for his next subject.

“I figured Tarantino’s the obvious go-to,” he says. “His movies are some of the most entertaining movies ever and I don’t think they age at all. And it’s a way to have a lot of fun with it.”

That fun starts January 25 at Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse, 3055 Indianola Ave., as McGraner kicks off The Director’s Series: Quentin Tarantino with a film directed by Oliver Stone.

Come again?

McGraner explains, “All nine of the films Tarantino directed start in April. But since he also wrote three films that he didn’t direct (True Romance, From Dusk ‘til Dawn and Natural Born Killers), I’m featuring those to round out the twelve months and make a year.”

We’re starting with Natural Born Killers, and then February is From Dusk ‘til Dawn and March is True Romance. Those are not chronological, but I wanted to do his non-directing films first, in an order that kind of made more sense: what’s furthest away from him. I figured that would be a fun first three months to segue into Tarantino’s nine.”

But beyond a simple big screen viewing, McGraner promises a deep dive into Tarantino’s entire resume.

“In this series, I want people to see the decisions the director made, watch his entire career on the big screen, and also put some light on Jackie Brown, which is Tarantino’s only adaptation (from Elmore Leonard’s “Rum Punch”), as well as his cut of Death Proof, which is much longer than the one that was part of Grindhouse,” McGraner says. “Any theater can just show these films, they don’t need me. But what I bring to the table is setting up the aesthetic. I want to give you Tarantino’s entire world.”

And McGraner promises that world will include plenty of bonus content, some of which will carry over into additional screenings, but most of which he’s not quite ready to divulge.

“As you take your seats, the first thing you’ll see is some bonus clips you may not be expecting – and may not even be aware exists – before the film,” he says. “And then after the film, there is deleted footage that Tarantino didn’t use, and some outside interviews and features that focus on the film you just saw.”

Though McGraner is being purposefully vague now, he’ll waste no time getting down to specifics at each show.

“It will be very clear,” he promises. “As long as you’re there by start time, no one’s going to be confused as to what the bonus content is for the evening. But I’ll leave it as a surprise.”

The Director’s Series: Quentin Tarantino begins January 25 at Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse with an 11:30 p.m. screening of Natural Born Killers.

Read more from George at MADDWOLF and listen to his weekly movie review podcast, THE SCREENING ROOM

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