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Take a look inside Engine House No. 5

Anne Evans Anne Evans Take a look inside Engine House No. 5Engine House No. 5 facing Thurman Avenue.
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The restaurant that was Engine House No. 5 is one of the ‘Ghosts of Columbus Past‘ that has been brought up a few times when some reminisce. The restaurant closed in 1993 when its owner Chuck Muer was lost at sea with his wife Betty. It sat for a few years as the building owner waited for a new restaurant to come along. In 2004, the team at Big Red Rooster found the space and thought it would be perfect for their creative brand experience firm. They completed renovations to bring the historical charm back to the space. I recently took a tour of their office space.

Below are a few photos that show off the space.

Engine House No. 5 facing Thurman Avenue.

Looking into the basement. The space used to be a bar for the restaurant.

An old door where hay used to be loaded into the fire house to store the horses.

Fire house relics. An emergency call box and the hooks in the belfry used to hang fire hoses to dry.

Servers used to go down the fire pole with birthday cakes.

The main studio space with original lighting fixtures.

Looking down from the second level onto the reception area.

Click here to read the full article and view more photos of the space on The Metropreneur.


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