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Concert Preview & Interview: JD Eicher

Grant Walters Grant Walters Concert Preview & Interview: JD Eicher

Ohio born-and-raised, the sought-after singer-songwriter visits Columbus on Friday night in advance of a new single release, "Ain't My Scene"

Youngstown native JD Eicher recognizes his northeastern Ohio roots have provided him with a unique perspective as a singer-songwriter. “The first time it was really brought to my attention was in an article – an early review, actually of my band – where they said ‘you could hear the rust belt in his songs.’ And […]

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Ohio Mayors Discuss Community Development at Summit

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea Ohio Mayors Discuss Community Development at Summit

Columbus hosted the Greater Ohio Policy Center’s summit at the Westin Hotel this week. The Center’s two-day event focused on the economic revitalization of Ohio cities and neighborhoods with a keynote address by Mayor Michael Coleman on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the mayors of four Ohio cities met for a lunchtime panel discussion on the successes […]

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Ohio’s Own: Granola Pop

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Granola Pop

Youngstown doesn’t really seem like the granola capital of Ohio. It doesn’t seem like the sort of place that would embrace flaxseed flour and agave syrup in a snack food. It’s a hardcore, industrial, steel city, for Pete’s sake. But the city is also, in fact, the home of Peanut Butter Granola Pop. Big Dipper […]

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Four String Brewing Hires New Distributor

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Four String Brewing Hires New Distributor

It’s hard to believe that Four String Brewing has only been around for two years. It seems like almost every bar worth patronizing carries the local company’s brews, a testament to the job owner Dan Cochran has been doing. Currently, Four String beers can be found on-tap at roughly 75 establishments around the city, which, […]

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Wedgewood Pizza Comes to Columbus


For those who haven’t heard, a Wedgewood Pizza shop recently opened in Grove City. Now, I must disclose before even beginning this review that I have a certain bias. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, home of Wedgewood Pizza, and consider myself to be a huge fan of this hometown favorite. Wedgewood was a Friday […]


Traficant Wants Another Ohio Casino in Youngstown

Walker Evans Walker Evans

James Traficant is back in action! After serving a seven-year prison sentence for taking bribes, filing false tax returns, racketeering, and forcing his aides to perform personal chores, former-congressman Traficant is diving back into the political affairs of Ohio with a new Casino proposal. According to this article posted on Ohio.com, Traficant is proposing a […]


Deja Vu: Columbus Grows, Other Ohio Cities Shrink

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Its time for your regularly scheduled growth update from The Dispatch: “Central Ohio continues to grow“. Feel like you’re having a bit of Deja Vu? That’s because you are. July 2008: Columbus Grows, Rest of Ohio Shrinks March 2008: Columbus Region Grows, Ohio Stalls March 2008: Columbus Population Up, Rare in Ohio December 2007: Ohio’s […]


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