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Welcome Wellness into Your Space and Your Life

  Welcome Wellness into Your Space and Your Life

Are all the spaces of your home supporting your experience of health? Places and spaces shape our well-being. Join us for an inspiring interactive presentation about creating optimal wellness using the profound wisdom of essential feng shui. Gain practical and fresh ideas for the rooms of your home and life to nourish a healthy and […]

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Reiki Share

  Reiki Share

Reiki is an ancient, hands-on healing modality designed to create a deep meditation and healing experience. Come join us for our first Reiki Share at THRiVE Massage and Wellness. Whether you are an experienced Reiki practitioner, newly attuned, or just investigating, all are welcomed! There will be a brief intro to Reiki, what it is, […]

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Haven Herbs Launch Party!

Anne Evans Anne Evans Haven Herbs Launch Party!

It’s finally here! Haven Herbs, the long-awaited sequel to Boline Apothecary is here! While we are not exactly the same (no brick-and-mortar shop, we are a worker owned coop, and we are now a wholesale distributor as well), the products you loved from Boline are now available under the Haven Herbs label. Come sample, view […]

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Strength Training for a New You this Year

Jason Yun Jason Yun Strength Training for a New You this Year

Here we go again with another new year. It’s the official end of the big holiday season, Halloween to New Year’s (where Americans average 7 to 12 pounds of weight gain), and the kick-off of many people’s hopes and dreams for a better version of themselves. 2018 is going to be different for you, because […]

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Setting Realistic Resolutions for 2018

MaryBeth Skoch MaryBeth Skoch Setting Realistic Resolutions for 2018

We have all heard it before, “New Year, new you!”… While this can be very enticing, the problem with this way of thinking is that it implies we need to reinvent ourselves every January 1st. That somehow we begin each year flawed, in one-way or another. Consider the shift when you hear, “New Year, true […]

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Six Steps to Eating Healthier in 2018

Yolanda Rooney Yolanda Rooney Six Steps to Eating Healthier in 2018

For many, the new year is a time to clean up your diet. If your resolution is the “eat better” you may feel a little lost as to how or where to begin in this process. I’ve broken it down into very simple steps that are going to set you up for success in the […]

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3 Ways to Become a Cardio Junkie in 2018

Lindsey Turoff Lindsey Turoff 3 Ways to Become a Cardio Junkie in 2018

If you’re like me, the idea of lacing up your shoes, hitting the streets, jumping on a bike, climbing steps, or anything that leaves me with a dry throat gasping for air, sounds absolutely dreadful. Though being athletic has more or less become my identity, the popular cardio trend has never been my scene. However, […]


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