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Columbus Ranked 8th Best City for Volunteering

Walker Evans Walker Evans

According to a new national study conducted by VolunteeringInAmerica.gov, Columbus ranks as the 8th best city in the country for volunteering efforts. The report mentions that our volunteer retention rate is almost 75% while the national average is 65% and that based on annual averages, volunteers in Columbus contributed 43 service hours per person. If […]


Wayward Seed Farm Needs Your Help

Anne Evans Anne Evans

As you might have guessed, the constant storms and rainshowers have been making this season a bit difficult for farmers. Because they do not use pesticides, Wayward Seed Farm is having a difficult time with the invasion of weeds. So far, this weekend looks to be hot and sunny. If you are free to help, […]


GCAC Presents: Volunteers Behind the Arts Festival

 Jami Goldstein GCAC Presents: Volunteers Behind the Arts Festival

Volunteers are the power behind the Columbus Arts Festival. Literally. And the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) couldn’t do the Festival without them. More than 200 volunteers working nearly 300 shifts are the people who make the Columbus Arts Festival happen. They are the breath and life of the Festival. Sure, we have two staff […]

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Philanthropy Friday: The Miracle League

 columbus imPRessions

For this week’s Philanthropy Friday I had the pleasure of interviewing Christy Fields, Director of the Miracle League of Central Ohio. The Miracle League cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities. But what they do is provide these children with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that […]

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Kick Butt Columbus Cleanup Takes Place March 27th

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The annual city-wide litter cleanup known as “Kick Butt Columbus” takes place next Saturday, March 27th. Participants are scheduled to gather at Dodge Park in Franklinton at 8:30am and will be assigned to various highway ramp intersections around the city where cleanups will take place through 1pm. Event sponsors have formed “teams” in advance, but […]

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Philanthropy Friday: Body-Image Foundation

 columbus imPRessions Philanthropy Friday: Body-Image Foundation

Six years ago, David Wilson was blessed with a daughter. His beautiful, little girl was born with bilateral clubfeet, a foot deformity that required her to be casted and put in braces. Today, she is still in braces. Because of this, Dave quickly noticed that kids would make fun of her and discovered that having […]


Spending a Year With City Year Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

If you’ve spent much time Downtown in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed groups of young people walking around in red jackets from time to time. Those folks are volunteers at an organization called City Year, who dedicate an entire year of their lives to serving their community. We recently sat down with City […]

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