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Best Video Game of 2008: Wii Fit

Anne Evans Anne Evans

It seems like only yesterday when video games were thought of as a cultural symbol for nerds locked in their darkened bedrooms and remaining insulated from the realm of human interaction. But if our survey for “Best Video Game of 2008” is any indication, things have changed. Taking home first place in our poll was […]

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Blue Jackets’ Nash to front NHL 2K9


Joystiq wrote Blue Jackets’ Nash to front NHL 2K9 by Jason Dobson May 16th 2008 Sure he and his team may have missed the playoffs yet again and are likely fantasizing about what might have been while swinging at balls from the back nine, but that hasn’t stopped Columbus Blue Jackets’ young-yet-impressive captain Rick Nash […]


Interactive work for theater draws from games

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Interactive work for theater draws from video games, cinema Sunday, October 28, 2007 By Michael Grossberg Imagine a time about 90 years in the future when re-creating the past in any form is forbidden. What’s an archaeologist to do? Spectropia, the title character in a new hybrid of a theatrical piece […]

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