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The Lantern vs UWeekly – Which do you prefer?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

A Lantern article today mentions a plethora of typos and mistakes that appeared in a UWeekly article yesterday. The Lantern is no saint when it comes to making mistakes, and it’s somewhat forgivable considering both publications are staffed by OSU student writers, and are written for the OSU student body. But don’t our students deserve […]


Columbus Jazz Orchestra profiled in UWeekly

Walker Evans Walker Evans

UWeekly wrote Columbus Jazz Orchestra October 15, 2008 By Brett Pohlman Oh, remember the good ole days of flappers, speakeasies, and the Charleston. Times were carefree, and Americans still listened to the radio for most of their entertainment. Of course, none of us really “remember” the 1920s, because we did not exist; nevertheless, we know […]

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Local artist Coreroc profiled in UWeekly

Walker Evans Walker Evans

UWeekly wrote Coreroc dominates By Reyan Ali October 15, 2008 Nestled near the back entrance of the creative hive called Junctionview Studios is the three-room spread that Ashley Voss (a.k.a Coreroc) spends much of his life working in. The main room in his enclave has a gigantic sprawl of sizzling graffiti covering one wall, a […]


Tipping the sacred cow – UWeekly

 columbus native

UWeekly wrote Tipping the sacred cow By Reyan Ali July 23, 2008 The gallery exhibition that Grandview�s Junctionview Studios will play host to this Saturday, July 26, stands significant as being one of the first steps Columbus� anti-aesthetes are taking to get their work more widely seen. Local collective Cowtown Lowbrow will be presenting �Cowtipping,� […]


University offers resources for student renters

Walker Evans Walker Evans

UWeekly wrote University offers resources for student renters By Corey Spring February 13, 2008 Getting your first apartment can be as frustrating as it is liberating. Most students have only lived on campus for a few months before they have to decide where they will continue to live on campus, or to look for a […]


Been to Mad Mex in the last 2 years? Get Free $$$

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Livin’ in Cowtown wrote Been to Mad Mex in the Last Two Years? Get Free $$$ THURSDAY, JANUARY 31 Here’s the deal: Mad Mex and its other restaurants violated a law called the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act by printing the expiration date and last five digits of the card number on receipts. As […]


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