Suburbs are getting Parking Garages and Gateways

Walker Evans Walker Evans

So, what sort of hot topics are the suburban mayors thinking about in 2009? A pair of Dispatch articles yesterday reveals two major items: new parking garages being built into denser projects, and new entry point gateways serving as new welcome signs for different areas. The article on parking decks reveal that Gahanna may be […]


Armond Budish floats urban revitalizing idea

Walker Evans Walker Evans

blog.cleveland.com wrote Armond Budish floats urban revitalizing idea Posted by Aaron Marshall November 20, 2008 Ohio House Democrats are looking to tackle urban revitalization issues and targeted tax credits for businesses that create jobs when they seize control of the House in January. Those were two of the ideas floated Wednesday as the new House […]


Victorian Village: Successful rebirth

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Rescued from rougher days, neighborhood thrives as it did a century ago Sunday, September 7, 2008 BY SHERRI WILLIAMS Queen Anne manses tower over quaint cottages and rentals on the streets of Victorian Village. The diverse housing stock dates to the late 19th century, when the mix of large homes, row houses, […]


New Urban Ventures / Communications Directors

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote Mayor Appoints Coordinator for Urban Ventures and Announces New Communications Director As Columbus moves forward in the rankings as one of the nation’s biggest and best cities, Mayor Michael B. Coleman today announced the hiring of a new Communications Director and the creation of a new position “Urban Ventures Coordinator,” to focus […]


Weinland Park Kroger to be Rebuilt


The following discussion is about Kroger’s plans to demolish and rebuild their store near 5th Ave in the Short North/Weinland Park area. Many have thought this store could use a revamp or major cleaning up for a long time. Changing this store will be a boon for the area.


Condo market better in city than ‘burbs

Walker Evans Walker Evans Condo market better in city than ‘burbs

WOSU News wrote Condo market better in city than ‘burbs Mandie Trimble For many people the housing market is not the best place to be right now. It’s almost inevitable that at least once a day one will hear something about home foreclosures, the credit crunch and the R word – that’s recession. Ken Gold […]


Suburbs revitalize their downtown areas

Walker Evans Walker Evans Suburbs revitalize their downtown areas

The Dispatch wrote Suburbs revitalize their old downtowns, or build new ones, as community focal points Friday, January 25, 2008 BY MARTIN ROZENMAN Gahanna did it. Hilliard is about to do it. Now, Grove City plans to do it. Creating town centers to renovate slumping downtowns is hot among central Ohio suburbs. Some have them […]


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