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Top Comments of the Week – 10/18

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Top Comments of the Week – 10/18

It’s no secret that the best and worst of us can be found in the comments section, and CU’s comments are no different. But every now and then, there’s a comment that lightens the mood and makes the rounds internally for a good laugh. Case in point, the comment that inspired our new, weekly Top […]

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Mainstream News, Social Media Blamed for Sad State of Human Interaction

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Mainstream News, Social Media Blamed for Sad State of Human Interaction

Panelists and Columbus Metropolitan Club guests and sponsors teamed up against reality show host Jerry Springer at yesterday’s forum, “Politics, Reality TV and Polite Conversation,” to blame his show and shows like it for the apparent lack of civil political discourse and the presence of someone like Donald Trump in the presidential campaign. Moderator Jo […]


Museums Look to the Future; Find Spam, Viagra

Jeff Regensburger Jeff Regensburger Museums Look to the Future; Find Spam, Viagra

On Wednesday September 1st, 2010 museums and galleries from around the world participated in an elaborate question and answer initiative that proved to be equal parts social science experiment and educational opportunity. It was, in its way, a reckoning; the chance to see whether meaningful dialogue could be achieved amid the clutter and racket of […]


Old Oaks Twitter Block Watch Featured Nationally


From The AP: Neighbors Twitter, blog to keep criminals at bay By Meghan Barr | Photo by Paul Vernon Cruise down the tree-lined streets of the Old Oaks neighborhood on a summer evening and know this: Someone is watching you. It might be Richard Vickers, who records your license plate number in a notebook as […]


Columbus City Council now on Twitter and Facebook

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Looking for an easy way to stay current with the goings-on at City Council? Well now you have your choice of following them on Twitter @ColumbusCouncil, or by becoming a fan on Facebook. These accounts have been set up to help keep the community informed and involved. Anyone planning on tweeting @ColumbusCouncil while watching the […]

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Columbus is 27th Top Twitter City in the World

Walker Evans Walker Evans

According to this list on twitter.grader.com, Columbus is currently ranked as the 27th top city in the world based on number of Twitter users. This ranking bases information on the “Location” setting in your twitter profile, so if you’d like to see our ranking improve, make sure you have Columbus, Ohio listed as your current […]


10 More Locals You Should be Following on Twitter

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Our first twitter list last month focused on local “celebrity” figures who happen to be using twitter to communicate with the rest of the city. This time we thought we’d dial it down a notch and focus on locals who may not have the name recognition, but who are still doing cool things and discussing […]


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