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Yard Waste Pickup Ends on January 31st

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: City of Columbus Yard Waste Program Ends Rumpke’s residential yard waste removal contract with the City of Columbus expires Jan. 31 without a new agreement in place. The contract called for Rumpke to provide weekly curbside yard waste collection for all Columbus residents. Yard waste typically includes branches, tree trimmings, grass clippings, leaves […]


3 Easy Steps to Handle Trashy Neighbors


Step 1) Find the Property Owner’s contact information. – Search the Treasurer’s Office Property Search If the Owner is a Business (eg ADDRESS LLC) you will need search the Secretary of State’s Business Listings for the Business Owner (possible Property Owner) or Statutory Agent (possilby their Attorney). This can be found on the Doc Id. […]


SWACO sets recycling record in 2008

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: Residents of Columbus and Franklin County continue to recycle in record numbers at the 200 SWACO Recycling Drop-Off locations.  Collections for 2008, show 12,944 tons (or 2,588,800 pounds) delivered to the Drop-Off centers.  That is a 21% increase over the 10,755 tons collected in 2007 at the SWACO locations.  Numbers for 2009 are […]


Trash fees being considered again for Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Currently, the city of Columbus does not charge residents for trash pickup services, but the idea has once again resurfaced to help combat the city’s budget shortfall. While nothing is official yet, officials are predicting that the fee could fall somewhere in the range of $5 to $17 per month, which would help to cover […]


Trucking away your trash has its price

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Trucking away your trash has its price Sunday, April 20, 2008 BY MARTIN ROZENMAN AND JIM WOODS Upper Arlington switched this month from using its own employees to pick up trash to a cheaper contract with a waste hauler. Unlike in Upper Arlington, where residents pay by the bag, people in some […]


SWACO reporting recycling records set in 2007

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote Recycling Records Set SWACO is reporting record amounts of material recycled at its 190 drop off recycling locations throughout Columbus and Franklin County. For all of 2007, 10,756 tons of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard have been recycled. That is over 1,100 tons better than 2006. Also, the December totals are over […]


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The Urban Living Tour returns (with strict safety guidelines) on Aug 30!