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Son of Thurman Opens Today in Delaware

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Son of Thurman Opens Today in Delaware

The rumor began last fall that a Son of Thurman restaurant was in the works, scheduled to open in early 2014. That rumor, happily, is true, and today, February 13th, the city of Delaware will welcome the latest from the family behind one of Columbus’ most beloved restaurants. Son of Thurman will open at 5 […]


Thurman’s To-Go is the new go-to in German Village

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Thurman’s To-Go is the new go-to in German Village

thur For the past seventy one years, Thurman’s Cafe has been serving Central Ohio and all who visit it some of the best hamburgers around. Known for their massive size, plethora of toppings, and classic chargrilled flavor, Thurman’s has been popular with locals and tourists alike. And that’s where the problem came in. See, everyone […]


Thurman Cafe Review from Columbus Food Review

 Submitted News

From The Columbus Food Review Blog: Thurman Cafe Without a doubt Thurman Cafe is the best dive in Columbus.  If you are willing to wait an hour to be seated in a place where drunkenness is key and cleanliness is overlooked to eat one greasy, cheesy, heart attack of a burger, Thurman Cafe is for […]


Thurman Cafe: Best Burger of 2008

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Best of Columbus 2008: Dining Best Burger:Thurman Cafe Runners-up: Max & Erma’s, Red Robin March 27, 2008 A stunning 18 varieties of incredible three-quarter-pound burgers are offered at this temple of jaw-breaking ground beef sandwiches, but you should at least try the namesake hamburger once. It’s packed with great juicy meat, ‘shrooms, […]

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