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Warm up with our Salsa Dancing Giveaway

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Looking for a way to heat up your wintery weekend?  How about dance lessons with the world renowned BALLET HISPANICO, plus tickets to the show? BALLET HISPANICO is bringing the dances of Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and beyond to Columbus for one performance only Saturday, January 31 at 8 p.m. at the Capitol Theatre, and teaching […]


Looking for things to do on MLK Day?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Some of you have to work today. But those who get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off are probably looking for some things to do. The Martin, Malcom & Marley exhibition will is still ongoing at the King Arts Complex, and a special open house event will be held today from Noon to 4pm. More […]

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How do you do, Valentine?

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Valentine’s Day is nearing! How will you celebrate this year?  With it being on a Saturday, you should make your dinner reservations early if you would like to go out. Here are some different themed date ideas we put together. For an artsy day, start your day off with the classes at Glass Axis. They […]


CU Meetup Today @ The King Arts Complex

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Men, the Message, the Music, and the Movement: Martin, Malcolm, and Marley Thursday, January 15, 2009 at the Elijah Pierce Gallery Join us on Thursday, January 15th at The King Arts Complex in the heart of the King Lincoln District as we partake in the opening of their newest art exhibit. The show is […]


Stretching Entertainment Dollars In The Recession


Ohio, more than many states, has been deeply affected by the current recession. With the economy floating between “bad” and “abysmal,” it is not hard to see why many people would like to get out and try to divert their attention away from their problems, and away from the state of things, but as is […]

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Columbus Mega Summer Weekend 2008 – Vol. 11

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Sunday, September 21st is technically the last day of summer. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be plenty to do during the cooler months in Columbus, but it does mean that it’s time to go spend all weekend out and about at a huge variety of events! Besides, after all of these power outage issues […]


Columbus Mega Summer Weekend 2008 – Vol. 11

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus has multiple festivals going on this weekend including The German Village Society’s Oktoberfest (located at Genoa Park this year), the 43rd Annual Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival, and the Hot Times Festival at Parsons & Main. This is also a Gallery Hop Weekend, and additionally you can find the Art VS Art show going on at […]


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