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The Sycamore

Brunch Review: The Sycamore

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Brunch Review: The Sycamore

German Village’s The Sycamore is nicer than your average neighborhood hangout. Then again, German Village is nicer than your average neighborhood, so it makes sense that the revamped bar would be a little upscale-looking. It’s nice, but still cozy. The staff is welcoming, the seating is embracing (booths are best), in spite of the slick […]

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First Look: The Sycamore

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: The Sycamore

The old Sycamore Cafe in German Village was reborn on Friday night more simply dubbed “The Sycamore”, a new neighborhood-centric bar and restaurant that gives the old dive bar favorite a more upscale approach. The new business is the latest venture from Chris Crader of the nearby Harvest Pizzeria, who’s also working on opening the […]


The Sycamore Relaunching as New German Village Restaurant

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Sycamore Relaunching as New German Village Restaurant

If you’ve lived for any amount of time in German Village, then chances are that you’ve at least contemplated venturing inside the Sycamore Cafe, located at the corner of Sycamore and Sixth Streets. Perhaps you’ve even set foot inside it once or twice. Well, starting later this summer, everyone will have a reason to venture […]


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