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Sugar Busters

  Sugar Busters

Is it possible to permanently change your relationship with sugar? In this interactive lecture, we define sugar and discuss the effects of this all-pervasive, seductive white stuff, from cravings, energy imbalances, weight imbalances, fatigue and mood swings to PMS, diabetes, heart disease, candida and hypoglycemia. Participants are given strategies, a chance to join the ‘25’ […]

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Best Local DJ of 2008: DJ Jondy

Anne Evans Anne Evans

The nightlife scene in Columbus has gone through many changes over the years. Nightclubs come and go, but DJ Jondy is here to stay. With over a decade of entertaining Columbus crowds under his belt, his nomination as Best Local DJ of 2008 comes as no surprise. Jondy was a regular staple at the Spice […]


Happy Halloween, Columbus!

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Today’s the only acceptable day of the year to get sick on eating too much candy, wear a completely ridiculous costume, and watch movies that will give you nightmares. So you might as well make the most of it! Thousands will be descending upon the Short North for the Highball, a party-in-the-street masquerade that will […]



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