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Review: Calvin’s Corner

 Morgan Kelley Review: Calvin’s Corner

Good southern food is hard to come by in Columbus. We’ve got a handful of upscale restaurants that go all out on specific menu items (the Shrimp & Grits at G. Michael’s immediately comes to mind), but when it comes to the “down home” grandmas-secret-recipe type establishments, they rarely seem to hit the mark in […]


What ever happened to the Brownstone?

  What ever happened to the Brownstone?

Diversity in Columbus? The following article appeared in the December 4, 2007 issue of flypaper, a Columbus based social newsletter. flypaper wrote Back to Brownstone WAKE UP and smell the catfish! Article by Big Yogi, contact [email protected] Before I go into this article I would like to get something clear. The FLYPAPER is not just […]


Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Brownstone on Main has shut down operations for a few weeks while they go through a restructuring period. The owners of the restaurant remained quiet during the Dispatch reports of their recent patio problems, but that issue could be the cause of their temporarly closing.


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