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Restaurant Review: SIP Local

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: SIP Local

SIP slipped right into the Clintonville brewing space left behind after the Actual Brewing debacle. SIP Local, a branch of Somewhere in Particular Brewing, kept the physical features of the address the same, but the decor comes from a different angle. Gone is the science theme and narwhal skeleton. Now, macrame reigns supreme, centered around a […]

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SIP Local Takes Over Actual Brewing Space in Clintonville

Susan Post Susan Post SIP Local Takes Over Actual Brewing Space in Clintonville

Somewhere In Particular Brewing has found a particular spot in Clintonville. In collaboration with the Local Cantina family, SIP Local has opened its doors at 2808 N. High St. The Local Cantina family took over the space when its original occupants, Actual Brewing, filed for bankruptcy and eventually closed following sexual assault and rape allegations […]

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