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Industrial Lichen: Stitzlein at the OAL Gallery

Jeff Regensburger Jeff Regensburger Industrial Lichen: Stitzlein at the OAL Gallery

It has been said that great art is transformative; that it provides the capacity to see things in new or unexpected ways. Rather than simply restating the world in a literal fashion, great art helps us see the world anew. In this regard it both embodies possibilities and reminds us that we are more than […]


Welcome to the Saudi Arabia of Coal

Tom Over Tom Over

The Available Light Theatre is not shying away from plays that have a strong political message. This Saturday the theater company will help to stir the imaginations of Columbus theater-goers about what life is like in the coal fields of Appalachia where men and women chain themselves to heavy machinery as they try to stop […]

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Best TV Show of 2008: The Office

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Yes, we do watch a lot of TV around here. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone needs some way to relax, right? While just about every show gets discussed on the messageboard and has at least a few regular viewers, the one show that stood out the most and is our official “Best TV […]


Best Local Band of 2008: Brainbow

Walker Evans Walker Evans

After years of live shows, local band Brainbow finally released their critically-praised debut album in 2008. While many local bands go without too many mentions on Columbus Underground, Brainbow’s fanbase has seen a steady increase here and named them as our “Best Local Band of 2008”. Brainbow is actually playing a show tomorrow night at […]


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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns with a “Curated Take Home Box Experience”