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Short North

Centered on the main stretch of High Street north of downtown Columbus and extending just south of The Ohio State University’s campus, the Short North experienced street-level crime and gang violence as affluent Columbus residents followed the economic bubble into the suburbs during the 1960s and ’70s. Its rebirth began when art galleries began to open there in the ’80s. Most of its buildings date back to at least the early 20th century, with traditional storefronts along High and apartment buildings, row houses and condominium developments in the surrounding blocks.

Big Recommendation: Take 2 Apparel

Coremodels Coremodels

So, I was worried about heading into Take Two Apparel after the move to High St. thinking the prices would skyrocket…nope, although not as low as before they’re still incredibly reasonable. It’s a consignment shop of gently used, but high end clothes…and I love the ability to pick up a pair of Seven, Lucky, Diesel, […]


Garden Theater Redevelopment News & Updates


Anybody know the scoop on the new tenants (if any)? Here’s a cross-posting from the columbus independent: http://cmhindependent.blogspot.com/


Cold Stone Creamery closes in Short North


Has anybody noticed that the Cold Stone ice cream shop on the Cap has officially closed. Signs are posted in the window. In the wake of Jeni’s opening, I don’t think anybody is really going to miss it. Not with Ohio Squash and Pecan Praline available down the street. But since the Quizno’s/Deli had already […]


Short North in The New York Times


The New York Times wrote Columbus Cool By MONICA KHEMSUROV Published: September 23, 2007 Most travelers don’t give much thought to Ohio. But in the last few years, Columbus has undergone a transformation. By luring young professionals to its homegrown empires like the Limited and Abercrombie & Fitch, the city has seen a flurry of […]


Liquid coming to Little Brother’s spot


Little Bros is leaving and the new owners want to install a patio for a new restaurant. The patio would be located on the south side of the building. This is from the Italian Village Commission’s website. Anyone heard what new restaurant may be coming to the Little Bros space?


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