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Electric Scooters Now Available to Rent in and Around Downtown

Brent Warren Brent Warren Electric Scooters Now Available to Rent in and Around Downtown

As of this morning, Columbus residents can now use their smartphones to book and pay for a ride on a small electric scooter. Dozens of the scooters, from California-based company Bird, were deployed today around Downtown, the Short North, and Bexley. Much like the LimeBikes that recently arrived in the city, the scooters are scattered throughout […]

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Scoot-A-Que returns with 16 bit themed ride

Anne Evans Anne Evans Scoot-A-Que returns with 16 bit themed ride

The annual scooter rally, Scoot-A-Que returns this weekend for its 16th year. Hosted by the Columbus Cutters Scooter Club, the rally brings together motor-scooter enthusiasts from Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Washington DC, and beyond. Each year carries a different theme and this year’s is “16-Bit” in tribute to early 16-bit video game […]

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Kickstart Scooters Has Closed Their Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Sad news, but Kickstart Scooters just closed their doors at 913 North High Street for good. Update from their twitter account at 10:33am on March 15th: “Sad to inform all our followers and friends, @thekickstart has decided to close our doors for good. thank you for your support and business.”


Scooter Parking Expansions and Permits for 2009

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Last summer, the City of Columbus rolled out a new scooter parking initiative that gave two-wheel vehicle operators (scooter riders and motorcyclists alike) several designated parking locations in and around Downtown. Currently there are 23 locations that can hold a total of 267 vehicles and the city is planning to add more in 2009. Also, […]


Coffee on two wheels at Kickstart Scooters

Walker Evans Walker Evans

  The Dispatch wrote Coffee on two wheels  Tuesday, July 22, 2008 BY BILL CHRONISTER The owners of the Kickstart, a motor-scooter shop at 913 N. High St., soon will be adding caffeine to the fuel mix. Chris Cannon and Jodi Stully have set up a separate space for a coffee shop, which they expect […]


David the scooter vs. Goliath the car

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote David the scooter vs. Goliath the car Saturday, July 19, 2008 BY TIM DOULIN From a distance, motor scooters look like they would be fun to ride. But when you get behind one in a car, well, they are just another two-wheeled pest to some motorists. Columbus finally recognized scooters by giving […]


Gay Street Parking Lot Opens For Scooters

Walker Evans Walker Evans

NBC4i.com wrote Parking Lot Opens For Downtown Scooters Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008 By Denise Yost Trimming expenses is the name of the game for a growing number of Central Ohioans, and with gas hovering near $4 a gallon, riding bicycles, motorcycles and scooters is growing in popularity. Getting to work on two wheels is becoming […]


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