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Two More Two-Wheeler Parking Spots Added

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Two more two-wheel motor vehicle parking spots were just added Downtown, allowing more room for scooters and motorcycles to easily find a place to park. These two additions bring the grand total of two-wheeler parking areas up to 25, with room for over 275 vehicles to park.


South Campus Gateway Launches “Green” Initiatives

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: Gateway Goes ‘Green’ With Initiatives for Customers, Residents and Businesses With the annual Earth Day celebration around the corner, South Campus Gateway is preparing to roll out a series of “Green It” initiatives designed to promote environmental awareness, recycling and energy efficiency. The Gateway management team hopes the mixed-use project on the edge […]


Scooter Parking Expansions and Permits for 2009

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Last summer, the City of Columbus rolled out a new scooter parking initiative that gave two-wheel vehicle operators (scooter riders and motorcyclists alike) several designated parking locations in and around Downtown. Currently there are 23 locations that can hold a total of 267 vehicles and the city is planning to add more in 2009. Also, […]


Best Urban Development of 2008: Gay Street

Walker Evans Walker Evans

(Photo by Columbusite) The fan-favorite nomination for our “Best Urban Development of 2008” was actually not contained to one specific project, but a whole cluster of development that occurred along Gay Street in the past year. The new Residence Inn hotel opened in February at the corner of Gay & Pearl. The Neighborhood Launch project […]


David the scooter vs. Goliath the car

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote David the scooter vs. Goliath the car Saturday, July 19, 2008 BY TIM DOULIN From a distance, motor scooters look like they would be fun to ride. But when you get behind one in a car, well, they are just another two-wheeled pest to some motorists. Columbus finally recognized scooters by giving […]


Gay Street Parking Lot Opens For Scooters

Walker Evans Walker Evans

NBC4i.com wrote Parking Lot Opens For Downtown Scooters Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008 By Denise Yost Trimming expenses is the name of the game for a growing number of Central Ohioans, and with gas hovering near $4 a gallon, riding bicycles, motorcycles and scooters is growing in popularity. Getting to work on two wheels is becoming […]


Scooters gaining appeal as alternative transportation

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Scooters gaining appeal as alternative transportation Saturday, July 5, 2008 BY KEVIN JOY No longer a plaything of geeks and hipsters, scooters are zipping into the consciousness of drivers once indifferent to two-wheeled transportation. Nationwide, first-quarter scooter sales were up 24 percent this year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Interest is […]


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